Acquire an exceedingly smooth Digital Assurance Practice with Prowess infotech to embrace the assurance quality.

At Prowess, we don’t treat Quality Assurance as yet another cost center – we believe QA done right in the digital age can be a source of competitive advantage for our clients. This is exactly what we set out to do with our dedicated digital assurance practice.

Enterprises must rethink how they build and test applications, moving away from testing as a standalone function at far end of the development cycle to embedding quality throughout the lifecycle – touching every part of the pipeline.

Our Digital Assurance services are designed to strike the balance between speed and quality with intelligent automation baked in right from day zero. It’s our firm belief that automation is not a choice when it comes to digital assurance but its an absolute necessity. Whether you want to bring new software to market at a faster pace or transform your testing function and workforce—we have the right skills and capabilities to help you succeed. So what’s our goal? It’s to ensure our clients are able to deliver seamless end user experience by helping catch defects early and fast!

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Digital Assurance Consulting

While traditional approaches to application testing are being disrupted with the advent of DevOps and intelligent automation, delivery timelines have shrunk from months to weeks. Merging of development and testing into a single continuous activity, influx of vast amounts of data and emergence on new technologies have made the quality engineer’s role far more exciting but also complex.

Enterprises reach out to us to help them ride the ever changing quality wave. Our consultants – certified by industry bodies such as TMMi – work with clients to ensure that their roadmap to quality meets best in industry standards. Our services include:

a. Quality Assessments with a detailed gap analysis and recommendation report.
b. Quality Transformation to pivot from existing state to best-in-class standards driven by new age models such as DevSecOps.
c. Quality Certifications with world leading certifications such as TMMi.

Digital Assurance Services

a. Business Process Assurance – Prowess believes in connecting QA outcomes to business outcomes by elevating the role of quality from a systems to a business driver. We can align with enterprises in their quest for:
i. Business Process Testing – Driven by our dedicated business process libraries and test assets
ii. User Acceptance Testing – Where our Digital Assurance consultants wear the “tester-as-user” hats to perform last mile testing before it hits our client’s end users. Treat this as a comprehensive beta test package
b. Technology Assurance – At Prowess, we believe assurance does not stop merely at the GUI level. Hence we bring to you a wide spectrum of digital assurance services to help you propel the digital shift. Some of technology assurance services include:
i. GUI Based Testing – on all form factors ranging from traditional desktop applications to mobile applications to wearables
ii. API based testing – driven by our suite of headless automation services specifically geared for middleware assurance
iii. Data Assurance – Big data testing solutions that assure variety and velocity of data for your enterprise applications.

All of the above is underpinned by Prowess’ Next-gen Intelligent Automation platform helping drive hyper automation at scale. We believe the days of reactive, traditional automation are numbered. Bot-based intelligent automation is helping enterprises realize the power of predictive and intelligent automation in identifying defects faster and earlier than conventional automation tools. Whether scriptless for quick deployments our AI/ML based predictive solution, our platform proprietary intelligent automation platform brings the best of tools, frameworks and accelerators in one place to deliver quality @ speed.

c. Customer Experience Assurance – Enterprises need to ensure unmatched customer experience for their applications through QA solutions that focus on performance, security and usability. We bring a 360-degree view of quality by complementing business and technology assurance with a CX focus.
i. Performance Testing – Stress test your enterprise systems for peak and unexpected loads – regardless of the technology landscape.
ii. Security Testing – Whether its DAST or SAST, Prowess is ready to address your security and vulnerability requirements for an increasingly myriad and vulnerable digital landscape
iii. Accessibility Testing – Validate your user interface design and usability elements, including ease of navigation and omnichannel access to drive user adoption and customer advocacy while meeting accessibility guidelines such as WCAG 2.

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With its decades of manufacturing expertise, PROWESS helps you jumpstart, sustain, and generate true-value returns from your Industry 4.0 journey. PROWESS’s industry-leading solutions are powered by leading technology partners like SAP, AA, AWS, and many more. We help lay tailored digital roadmaps and execute them with optimized cost and maximized quality, reliability, and speed of your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Our domain led advisory, and strategic consulting experience in manufacturing accelerates digital journeys for you to ensure operational excellence, streamlined costs, and enhanced quality management.


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