Helping Enterprises Accelerate Their Digital Transformation Using Microsoft Services and Solutions.

With the move-to-Digital taking center stage, enterprises are increasingly adopting digital technologies to enhance responsiveness, minimize errors, scale operations, increase productivity, and stay ahead of the competition.

At Prowess we provide services and solutions spanning across Microsoft’s technology and solution stacks to accelerate clients’ digital transformation journey. As one of the leading Microsoft partners globally, we have provided high impact services using Microsoft’s cutting-edge enterprise solutions such as Power Apps, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Dynamics 365, etc.


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Service Offerings .

Azure Infrastructure Services

Get the most out of your digitalization investments by utilizing the ever-dilating power of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Explore our comprehensive Azure cloud service portfolio that supports you with an agile 360° approach throughout your cloud engagement journey

Enterprise Collaboration

Combine the knowledge and capabilities of diverse teams and unite them in a common purpose and support structure. Ensure seamless collaboration for higher team productivity and better synchronization for amplified business capabilities.

Workplace of the Future

Today, the office can be anywhere, and IT must meet the changing needs of workers in different locations. Experience modernized workplace solutions through a powerful platform for a smoother transition and real-time collaborations across your workforce.

Enterprise Modernization

Whether your organization replaces the entire enterprise application system, replaces one application at a time, any approach is typically better than none at all. Explore the ever-expanding power of landscape modernization for a holistic enterprise transformation towards agile IT processes and business resiliency.

Rapid Application Development

With an effective rapid application development environment, we enable organizations to be adaptive with robust architecture, process transformation, and innovation. Cater to the changing needs of the work environment with our uniquely tailored, robust applications built with an eye on the future.

Intelligent Applications

Unlock the value of your Microsoft applications at the speed of change and the power of intelligence. Microsoft helps you unlock the potential of your data. Build intelligent apps faster using the tools and technologies of your choice.

Dynamics 365

Bring in the best of CRM and ERP together through Dynamics 365 for exponential benefits complemented with our in-depth technology know-how, unparalleled services, and support offerings

Data and Al

Accelerate business insights by unleashing the power of Microsoft’s data-driven approach enriched with Al. Map your data assets to drive value and achieve your vision for the future by experiencing the best of both worlds with Microsoft technologies for Data and Al.

Prowess Differentiators .

With its decades of manufacturing expertise, PROWESS helps you jumpstart, sustain, and generate true-value returns from your Industry 4.0 journey. PROWESS’s industry-leading solutions are powered by leading technology partners like SAP, AA, AWS, and many more. We help lay tailored digital roadmaps and execute them with optimized cost and maximized quality, reliability, and speed of your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Our domain led advisory, and strategic consulting experience in manufacturing accelerates digital journeys for you to ensure operational excellence, streamlined costs, and enhanced quality management.


Agility - Resilience - Growth .

Prowess is a technology consulting and solutions company headquartered in India and customers in the US and Middle East .

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