Amplify your application maturity through proven processes and resources.

Realize enhanced value for your IT

Based on our vision of “Moving towards Zero Maintenance,” the journey takes you through the efficiencies realized, and the value unlocked through a structured and measurable approach.

Deliver superior customer experience

Businesses rely on ‘Underlying IT systems and Technology Capabilities.’ While IT must be flexible to meet the changing business needs, IT and business alignment are at the forefront in our endeavors. We pursue this by taking complete ownership of the SLAs, oriented towards business priorities.

Innovate, Evolve and Re-integrate

Continuous innovation and transformation is the need of the hour to achieve better business outcomes. Prowess’s forward-looking approach does not just focus on transformation but believes in a future state that is optimized and well-integrated, and this is a continuous process.

The four pillars of our AMS philosophy through which we realize this vision and the goals of our Customers:

  • Being Agile to meet the customer needs
  • Being Efficient in meeting the service level expectations of the customer
  • Being Transformative in consulting and advising self-sustainable, technology-focused, and intelligent solutions
  • Being Industry oriented by leveraging Prowess domain capabilities to deliver industrialized services

3-D Framework .


Our AMS experts assess all your needs and perform maturity evaluation of all the existing operating models. Based on the goals set, we shall understand the application footprint and tailor the service catalog to match your needs.


We define a detailed roadmap for the engagement. The roadmap includes operational elements along with process alignment, SLAs, etc., and transformational initiatives that drive digitalization and rationalization of the applications through our proprietary framework. The risk-free knowledge transition approach enabling BAU for our customers helps us in achieving this.


PROWESS’ AMS approach is mainly focused on delivering Operational Excellence, Service Excellence, and making the applications Future-ready.

Operational Excellence:

Improve efficiency through a structured and systematic approach that brings in ITIL alignment, SLA adherence, and other industry-leading best practices for enhancements and governance. Leverage these elements to reduce operational costs by lowering incidents/tickets and improving time to resolve them.

Service Excellence:

Leveraging elements of continuous service improvements, automation, and optimizing business processes, the focus is on delivering a much better experience to the end-user. IT and business alignment form a crucial part of this approach.

Future Readiness:

Reducing time to market, modernizing the current application portfolio, rationalizing the application landscape, and making all the applications relevant for future needs are the highlights in this phase.

Key Highlights .

Prowess infotech provides flexibility and customized engagement models to ensure enterprises get the best from their applications. Highlights of our approach:

This helps you to:

  • Improve the value and increase the efficiency in support operations
  • Ensure stability even during the changes in business processes
  • Enhance the service quality and ensure superior experience for users
  • Reduce operating costs and improve performance
  • Shorten time-to-benefit cycle

Upfront Rationalization

Jumpstart Knowledge Transfer

ITIL Compliant Standards

Integrated Support Hub

Intelligent and Agile Service Delivery

Continuous Service Improvements

Integrated Delivery Insights

Centers of Excellence

NextGen Readiness

We engage with our customers believing that – “Our success lies in our Customer’s success.” So, we bring in a customized model for each of our engagements that is focused on creating this success. ‘Transparency and Trust’ are the essential ingredients in developing a long and enduring partnership.

Staff Augmentation

This model comes into play when customer explores to complement their in-house IT team with Prowess’s consultants. The customer manages the entire delivery – including the right fit tools and processes. Prowess needs to provide skilled consultants for the duration that is requested for. The pricing is based on the effort that is spent by these consultants.

Managed Capacity

Customer buys a certain quantity of hours across skillsets at a fixed cost and Prowess provides the accountability, quality, and productivity to drive performance. It provides flexibility for the customer to scale up/down to meet the changing business demand and bring an improvement in the project start-up time. This is an ideal model for customers looking for a quick response to demand fluctuations and skills gap, while at the same time seeking to reduce operational costs.

Managed Services

Prowess takes end-to-end responsibility for the delivery of all the requested services based on agreed SLAs with customers. There is a committed scope for a fixed duration (Over a period of 2-5 years) with year-on-year cost reduction, productivity gain and value add elements beyond cost savings being factored into the model.
Prowess assumes the risk of transition and steady-state operations.

Outcome linked

In this model, pricing is driven by certain outcomes that are linked to the customer’s business. Customers define the business outcome they wish to achieve – enhanced revenues, improved cost-effectiveness/profitability, etc. Services are then delivered based on this outcome. Pricing of the contract is structured considering the intensity of IT services required.

Industries We Serves .

Prowess is a technology consulting and solutions company headquartered in India and customers in the US and Middle East .

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